Boost your knowledge of finance, accounts, and banking in 3 months with our certificate course in banking and finance & get bank jobs in Jaipur

Above all, KASH’s online banking course is a must have course. Specially for graduates who are solely interested in certificate course in banking and finance after graduation which will help you to get the bank jobs in Jaipur.

Meanwhile, banking is one of the few sectors that is always open to hire new employees who are well versed with the knowledge of financing and accounting.

Further, the best part is that candidates from multifarious fields like arts, business, engineering etc. can learn banking. So, this is one of the reasons why around 10 lakh candidates apply for various banking examinations every year.

Hence, it becomes difficult  to grab a vacant job position in the field of banking for a candidate.

Therefore, we at KASH make it easy for you and help you prepare for bank examinations through our online banking courses. In addition, we’ll teach you about various basic functions and day to day operations that occur in a standard bank through our distance education course of banking.

Further, we will teach about the basic structure of commercial banking in India and different products and services they offer. That is to say, banks offer various facilities like deposits, loans, and advances you shall learn about.

Take our banking and finance course after graduation to get best bank jobs in Jaipur

We will teach you about the technologies that are used in a complex banking system like the ECS system. And, we will mentor you on credit monitoring and recovery through our exclusive course. To add, we’ll also discuss mutual funds and various securities that are associated with a bank.

Moreover, through our curriculum  you will learn about the legal aspects of a bank and ways to calculate TDS and interest rates. Further, we shall mentor you on financial accounting, computer fundamentals, finance, and sales and marketing in tenure of just 3 months.

In short, our banking course will help you grasp the concepts of investment banking and financial planning. Also, Our experts will teach you ways how to manage a P&L account. In the same vein, we shall teach you about the functioning of RBI and SEBI along with various regulations they apply on the banks.

We will give you an in-depth knowledge of successful investing. And, using the skills of marketing, you can host meetings, can make deals and can conduct product analysis. In short certificate course in banking and finance is a must have course for those who wish to see their future in this arena, also who are very much interested in finance and banking.

We’ll also teach you about the financial systems, services, markets,and instruments associated with banks and other non-banking institutions.

After completing the course you can apply in any bank as a:

  • Client Relationship Partner.
  • Banking Representative, Sales Officer.
  • Financial, Business Analyst.
  • Wealth Manager, Financial advisor, financial planner.
  • Cashier, Relationship Officer.
  • BDM, Executive

You will learn all the concepts of banking in a time interval of three months. During your entire tenure, our expert guides will be there to solve each and every problem of yours. And, they will question you regarding any topic related to banking.

Join our online banking course today to add wings to your career in banking.


Module 1 : Commercial Banking

Structure of Commercial Banking in India, Banking Products and Operation, Deposits, Type of Accounts

Module 2 : Loan and Advances

Technology in Banking, New Banking Facilities and Services, Electronic Clearing, Subsidiaries of Bank, Credit Monitoring and Recovery, Financial Supervision, Physical Follow up, Legal aspects in Banking, TDS and Interest Rates, RBI and Its Function and, How it regulates the Bank, KYC Documents,

Module 3 : Financial Accounting

Investment Banking, Financial Planning, Profit and Loss Account, Financial Ratios, SEBI and Regulations, Valuation Ratio, Qualities of Success Investing

Module 4 : Computer Fundamental

MS Excel & advance Excel,Internet Technology

Module 5 : Finance

Financial System, Non-Banking Institution, Mutual Funds,Insurance & Housing,Finance Companies, Financial Instruments,Primary & Secondary Securities, Financial Services, Information Financial System, Financial Market

Module 6 : Marketing/Sales

Lead Generation, Client Meeting & Followup,Opening Deal & Closing Deal, Outdoor activity & Field Visit, Need Based Analysis & Generation, Comparison with other product