Learn how to work with spreadsheets through our Advanced Excel Course In Jaipur

Above all, KASH presents a chance for young candidates to enroll in its advanced Excel training course in Jaipur to improve their proficiency in managing data in Microsoft Excel. Moreover, our advanced excel course in Jaipur in will help trainees to grasp an in-depth knowledge of entering, editing, and formatting information in spreadsheets and improve their competence in managing them in a workbook.

Further, our one month package of Excel training will increase your skills in developing customizable lists, creating reports, template selection, chart/graphic embedding, and data formatting using various functions. In addition, by following a step by step approach we make sure that every concept and principle is understood by our trainees.

Firstly, let’s Start with the basic introduction of MS Excel then we’ll shift towards more complex modules to maintain a streamlined flow of understanding.

Meanwhile, we’ll teach you how to use conditional expressions and logical functions to calculate data from existing information. Further, we’ll also take a deep look about lookup and reference functions that will help in creating and editing information in the range of a table and consolidate data from multiple sheets.

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel in a month through our advanced excel training in Jaipur

That is to say, you’ll also learn to choose the correct template for your spreadsheet and effective use of advanced filter tools. And, you will be able to validate a single value or range of values manually to a cell or by using the autofill options. If you want to learn the advanced excel then KASH India is provides the best advanced excel training in Jaipur. 

Further, our adept instructors are expert in handling pivot tables and creating charts from given information. On the other hand, you’ll learn how to create pivot tables through formulas and embed charts and graphical representation of data, created in MS Excel into a PowerPoint presentation.

Moreover, we’ll also teach you about macros and various databases and power functions to boost your efficiency in creating spreadsheets in MS Excel. Further, we will also guide to how to save your workbook, analyze your data on a daily basis and will teach ways to protect it from theft.

To sum up, our advanced Excel course in Jaipur is business oriented and will increase your capability in properly utilizing the tools of Microsoft Excel.

Our advanced excel course in Jaipur will help you rocket-boost your career

1 : Introduction

2 : Entering, Editing and Formatting Data

3 : Formatting Numbers

4 : Managing Worksheets

5 : Modifying Rows and Columns

6 : Understanding Formulas

7 : Changing Views

8 : AutoFill and Custom Lists

9 : Conditional Formatting

10 : Tables

11 : Data Tools

12 : Referencing Formulas

13 : Ranges and Dates

14 : Lookups

15 : Conditional Logic

16 : Text Formulas

17 : Introduction to Charts

18 : Formatting Charts

19 : Adding Graphics to Spreadsheets

20 : Outline, Sort, Filter, and Subtotal

21 : PivotTables

22 : Protecting Data

23 : Collaboration

24 : Printing

25 : Saving a Workbook

26 : Macros


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